To increase the production

To increase the production capability has been obtained, then do exercises production techniques ranging from the design stage to finishing the model T-shirts. In this activity followed by all existing personnel and students. From this activity obtained some models of T-shirts with themes related to the identity of UPI.

Developing good networking for the benefit of funding and marketing

Networking is necessary for the sake of business expansion. Through a network of owned businesses will help the process of promotion and marketing. Business group awoke around very conducive business group despite demanding competition. Business group that built up in the village Village Karanggedang Linggasari slaing Kudat very conducive and supportive. Kampung karenaggedang meet all types of production printing, screen printing mauapun konvenksi. This supports one another, because it used to put through the production process. To develop a broader network networking, business groups are invited to attends the development of entrepreneurial activities and exhibitions East Priangan SMEs organized by the Economic Affairs UPI Kementiran Campus Tasikmalaya which was also attended by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Ir. H. Hatta Rajasa.