Traffic entrepreneurial group

Traffic entrepreneurial group in designing the financial statements is necessary for the implementation of business processes can sberjalan effectively. The financial statements with accounting standards may not be too urgent need for wirausahawaan beginners. But the ability of financial management is indispensable in most business activities can not record every cash flow of the business process. This activity was carried out specifically to build and equip the business group to be able to manage finances. In practice only a member of the group who are trained to be able to develop the financial statements.

Mastery training software for the creative design process

Perangkal training software for creative design geared to improve the ability of business personnel in designing for print design purposes paper and printing design. Software prioritized for in latihkankan is like Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop for creative design as well and Blog for the website. Training is done dilakosai for k omputer equipment already meets. While personnel who became a target of increasing the ability of the software are the ones who already know the basics of computers and basic design. Introduction to the design of distributions obtained when a visit to Bandung to production centers distributions. Personnel obtain short training to develop creative design standard distribution. To improve the ability of design, personnel develop their abilities in a collaborative team consisting of two members of the band that became the focus.