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Motiv i general Northwestern tation owned by business personnel papaya leaf is wanted to have an income. Starting from a collection of youth in the youth institution Gedang Leaves business group formed at the beginning engaged in the manufacture of souvenirs and handicraft items souvenirs. To make a more mature businesses and large enough not only to have a motive to earn because it will trap the business group in round business that is not growing.

Initial activities undertaken to touch the motivational aspects of the work done is taining entrepreneurial activity for entrepreneurial motivation material. This activity was held on Sunday, July 3, 2011 in the village meeting hall. This activity is done in the form of training entrepreneurial motivation in the form of exchange of experience with successful young entrepreneurs to improve the entrepreneurial passion of youth partners. Invited speaker at this event was a Young Pengusana of Bandung named Hilman who have business in the area of convection and screen printing in Kopo Sayati. This event was attended by all the partners and the business personnel youth who are in the local area.