JPMorgan is considered to spread panic and act unethically by making a commodity country.

The government on Thursday (27/8) said it had given “sanction” JPMorgan Chase & Co. after the investment bank recommends smaller exposure to the Indonesian government bonds, but did not say what kind of sanctions.

Investor sentiment towards Indonesia increasingly negative due to the fragile economy, with domestic consumption is slowing, declining reserves of foreign exchange, and commodity prices hit the deck.

JPMorgan change the status of Indonesian government bonds to “underweight (lightweight)” from “overweight” in a report dated August 20. Some of the reasons cited is the devaluation of the Chinese currency and the Indonesian government plans to raise a loan.

The report provoked a strong reaction from Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro and the Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo. Agus accused JPMorgan on Wednesday spread panic in the country.

“When there is a negative analysis about Indonesia, we as an authority must take action because after all, this is something that is also unethical: making the country a commodity,” said Bambang told reporters.

When asked repeatedly whether sanctions against JPMorgan, Bambang declined to give details, saying only that “it would disturb them and make them uncomfortable.”

He then joked that JPMorgan had to do 100 push-ups movement as punishment.

A spokesman for JPMorgan declined to comment.

Indonesia grappled with the weakest growth in the last six years and the decision-makers has increased its efforts in the last two weeks to reduce sales in the currency and stock exchanges.

Some analysts have missed the “micro data” and equating all developing countries without considering the fundamental differences, said Bambang.

To increase the production

To increase the production capability has been obtained, then do exercises production techniques ranging from the design stage to finishing the model T-shirts. In this activity followed by all existing personnel and students. From this activity obtained some models of T-shirts with themes related to the identity of UPI.

Developing good networking for the benefit of funding and marketing

Networking is necessary for the sake of business expansion. Through a network of owned businesses will help the process of promotion and marketing. Business group awoke around very conducive business group despite demanding competition. Business group that built up in the village Village Karanggedang Linggasari slaing Kudat very conducive and supportive. Kampung karenaggedang meet all types of production printing, screen printing mauapun konvenksi. This supports one another, because it used to put through the production process. To develop a broader network networking, business groups are invited to attends the development of entrepreneurial activities and exhibitions East Priangan SMEs organized by the Economic Affairs UPI Kementiran Campus Tasikmalaya which was also attended by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Mr. Ir. H. Hatta Rajasa.

Production engineering training

Production engineering training for personnel do when they visit the shirts and garment production center in Bandung. They are introduced and trained briefly on a production model that is more sophisticated than the usual production techniques have them done. They acquire knowledge about production techniques shirts Bandung standard distributions ranging from design to finishing production design. The basics of production which has been used as the basis of mastery they have higher production techniques.

Training and mentoring marketing and promotional strategies

Marketing is a very important aspect of business. These aspects include branding, differentiation, promotion and positioning. However, the usual marketing is still defensive means simply rely on word of mouth promotion. Activities carried out with the team, still shaped assistance to the process of marketing and consulting to every problem faced during the process of marketing. Develop a media campaign conducted for the benefit of the wider business promotion.

Traffic entrepreneurial group

Traffic entrepreneurial group in designing the financial statements is necessary for the implementation of business processes can sberjalan effectively. The financial statements with accounting standards may not be too urgent need for wirausahawaan beginners. But the ability of financial management is indispensable in most business activities can not record every cash flow of the business process. This activity was carried out specifically to build and equip the business group to be able to manage finances. In practice only a member of the group who are trained to be able to develop the financial statements.

Mastery training software for the creative design process

Perangkal training software for creative design geared to improve the ability of business personnel in designing for print design purposes paper and printing design. Software prioritized for in latihkankan is like Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop for creative design as well and Blog for the website. Training is done dilakosai for k omputer equipment already meets. While personnel who became a target of increasing the ability of the software are the ones who already know the basics of computers and basic design. Introduction to the design of distributions obtained when a visit to Bandung to production centers distributions. Personnel obtain short training to develop creative design standard distribution. To improve the ability of design, personnel develop their abilities in a collaborative team consisting of two members of the band that became the focus.

A business plan

A business plan is an essential part of business development efforts. Most entrepreneurs consider business plan is not too important as long as we do not need a source of funding from other parties. Training and mentoring of making a business plan focused on providing insight into business development and can produce a business plan for a business that is being developed. The business plan will be used to access sources of funding from banks and non-banks.

readiness he became supervisor

At a meeting on July 3, 2011 disepekati with presenters about the readiness he became supervisor on a visit to the place of business activity in Bandung. At the meeting agreed business places to be visited include the printing business, convection, printing and stores that sell these products. This activity was held on Monday, July 12, 2011. In this activity obtained information relating to the production of technical and business strategies that can add insight and skills in developing business partners. In reality, these outreach activities carried out in the printing business, convection, printing cards and stores that sell products business visit. This activity involves only 7 personnel business partners as it relates to property which has been prepared.