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As with any Blackboard Learn group of small and medium enterprises, individual factors are still considered to be prominent in the model determines the institutional and personnel arrangements. Although the number of personnel 10 people, but only 4 people were considered to control this business. The division of tasks based on the capabilities of each. But the capabilities of 4 people this, printing and screen printing production process can be controlled. This can be overcome if the products are developed not much and not pressured by time, but if the product developed quite complex and many well as working time in accordance with the order at the time of an emergency, the regular use external power or less active personnel to help complete the process production. During IbM ongoing activities, carried out the rationalization of duties and responsibilities of each personnel in order to better production processes. And designed models that work tasks can be performed by any personnel even for anyone involved in the production process tentatively as needed. This is important so that the production process of assured quality